Wiping a drive, erase data permanently

Boot from a Linux Live CD.
Open a terminal as root.

# cat /dev/zero > /dev/hda

(Suppose that HDD or partition is hda.)

If you are not sure about it, than:
# fdisk -l

But you can use these Windows based softwares also:

Hard Disk Wipe Tool

Disk Wipe


Reinstalling a failed setup of HP printer or scanner

If reinstalling failed of HP printer or scanner, you can do this:

Uninstall all HP utilities and remove drivers of HP printer (or scanner).
Than delete all registry key of HP printer, or scanner which remained after uninstalling.

Next: install the newest drivers without connecting USB cable.
When the process ask you to connect the USB cable, connect it and power on the printer.
Process will be finish successfully.

Restore demaged or deleted partition, MBR with MiniTool® Partition Wizard Bootable CD

You can restore demaged or deleted partition(s), MBR with this freeware tool:
MiniTool® Partition Wizard Bootable CD

You can download it from here: Bootable CD

Read more.


Wrong SATA, data, or power cable

If there is no any reasonable explanation why so slow the operating system, or why is BSOD, worth to replace the SATA cable, for example for testing.
Even when apparently new the cable or the PC is not too old.
Today I did it, and the system was OK.